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There has been a “turning point” in the Ebola crisis, with cases falling in the three affected countries, officials of the World Health Organization have revealed.

According to the WHO, just eight cases were detected in Liberia in the last week down from a peak of 500-a-week in September. Guinea and Sierra Leone have also seen falls.

The figures have been described as “most promising” since the outbreak started.

The largest outbreak of Ebola in human history has infected 21,724 people and killed 8,641 – largely in just three countries, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Dr Christopher Dye, the director of strategy in the office of the director general, told the BBC that “the incidence is pretty clearly going down in all three countries now.

“Each of the last three weeks has been the most promising we’ve seen so far, the message is reductions in all places.

“I would have identified the turning point as the beginning of the decline, first in Liberia and then later in Sierra Leone and Guinea.”


However, he argued there was “no basis for complacency” due to the risk of a resurgence in cases.

It is also uncertain whether the downward trends will continue unless there are improvements in “contact tracing”.

A single case is enough to start an entire outbreak so identifying everyone who comes into contact with Ebola is vital.



fashion had come to stay…

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Almost every door is plagued
We raise them like flowers
Their brain had been choked
Children sat as though petrified
Eyes are virtually closed
They said it is a child disease
Wandering, they wandered as robots under control
Some fell into water, others fell into fire
Mothers weep and wails within
Helplessly they travail waiting for a miracle
Death had always come suddenly,
Is it spiritual or yet another physical they asks
Know-it-all said it is an epileptic syndrome
Indeed a plague had fallen the land they affirms.

To the places where the playing field may soon tip further out of kilter.
The whirlwind may no longer spuick the land of Arizona.
Puritans grieve sought for the console of the crucibles.
I have heard, i have read, i have experienced and now i see the wisdom in the very understanding of knowledge.
Even Shakespeare wants me by his side so i he could partake in the deep secrets.
The secrets of knowledge that had been hidden for far too long.
The horizon wimbles with shrek of agony. Where lies the talisma to curtail this pain. Men sworn by blood to the servitude of the king with the works of their mouth.
We will serve you to death.
Hail the king.
One for all, all for one.
Even Arthur cannot do without his Merlin.

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